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DoubleTwist: sync your Palm Pre and other devices with iTunes [CNet Video]

Apple disabled the ability of non iPod/iPhone devices to sync with iTunes. Here is a work around:


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Thursday, July 23rd, 2009. 16:17

SI Swimsuit 2009: another "Sexy" app available in AppStore


Apple is always against certain types of applications... Some call these apps "porn", others say "sexy". For example Apple removed Hottest Girls and Beauty Meter apps from AppStore and didn't give approval for Action Babes. In the same time it approves app with erotic content. Couple hours ago an app called "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2009" appeared in AppStore.

The application allows us to view a series of images of international super models.  For each of these there is also a video clip of 2 minutes each. We can look at the pictures in SlideShow and rotate the iPhone 90° to see a small calendar.

Application cost is $2.99 (AppStore link).


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DropBox iPhone application soon

DropBox is a service similar to Apple iDisk that allows you to save your files on a server and immediately share all the pictures, documents or programs on another computer.

DropBox plans to release a free iPhone application. It will allow to download and upload data from DropBox account. Here is a newsletter we received recently:


DropBox shows an excellent service, especially because it offers free 2GB of web space to perform backups, store files and sync various devices. If you want to try it, click here and download the application.


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Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009. 21:23

AppStore app will guide you to find marijuana [AppStore, Video]


As we know, with applications for iPhone has the ability to find anything. We can look for a job, locate friends or our service stations, but now you can also find the marijuana. The application is called Cannabis and it was approved by Apple.

cannabis1 cannabis2 cannabis3

The aim is fully legal as they contain a database of useful locations, where you can find the herb for medical purposes. As you have guessed it based on the geo-service and is able to show all the details on pharmacies, doctors, layers or organizations that sell or care for patients.

The rating of this app is quite poor (2.5 out of 5). Comments say this app doesn't work well.

App costs $2.99, here's an AppStore link.


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Tuesday, July 21st, 2009. 0:46

Observing the universe with SkyVoyager and SkyGazer for Free [AppStore, Free]

SkyVoyager and SkyGazer are two wonderful Carina Software applications that you can download for free only today, because of the 40th first landing on the Moon anniversary. Here are brief details of these two appplications:

SkyVoyager (regilar price is $14.99, AppStore link) is a powerful astronomy program, with a database of 300,000 stars and 30,000 deep sky objects. It renders the planets and moons in detail, using NASA mission imagery.

SkyVoyager SkyVoyager SkyVoyager

SkyVoyager is a planetarium that precisely shows the sky from any location on Earth, at any time in the past or future. It contains informative descriptions of the planets, stars, and constellations; and includes hundreds of images from both NASA and leading astro-photographers.

SkyVoyager data SkyVoyager skygazer3

SkyGazer (regular price is $2.99, AppStore link) is an easy-to-use planetarium program designed for beginners in astronomy. This app can be considered as a lite version of SkyVoyager, much smaller database, smaller functionality. But still it is a very good app.

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Apple confirms: iTunes 8.2.1 crashes synchronize Palm Pre


New version of iTunes was released recently and as we wrote in addition to fixing some bugs it has been locked synchronization with the third-party devices, including Palm Pre.

Here is an answer from Tom Neumayr (the same as Apple):

"As we have said before, the new versions of iTunes will not sync with digital readers are not supported, or rather, those who pretend via Software to be an iPod, including the Palm Pre".

Palm's answer was quite simple:

"Get an older version of iTunes and enjoy syncronization".


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Friday, July 17th, 2009. 21:30

Magnetic Flux & Metal Detector for iPhone 3GS [Video]

This app allows iPhone 3GS users to detect metal and magnetic flux. Looks nice:

This app costs $0.99 (AppStore link), however there are many free metal detect apps out there (link).


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iTunes updated to version 8.2.1 - Palm Pre sync disabled


Apple has released a minor update to iTunes, version 8.2.1 available via pop up when you open iTunes, or when you launch Apple Software Update:

iTunes 8.2.1 provides a number of important bug fixes and addresses an issue with verification of Apple devices.

What it does, is it breaks Palm Pre sync. Maybe there are some other fixes. If you use jailbreak, we do NOT recommend you this upgrade. Other users can download it here.


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Wednesday, July 15th, 2009. 22:29

iPhone OS 3.1 beta 2 released: what's new?


Apple released new SDK and new firmware and 3.1 beta 2. Unless you have a developer account with Apple, don't plugging your iPhone into iTunes, you're not going to have access to it. However here is an unofficial changelist:

  • Minor release focused more to fix the bugs.
  • New APIs for video and images. It appears that there will be many applications in AppStore, suitable to apply effects on a video or create animated slideshow.
  • Xcode bug-fixes.
  • More items have been localized, such as "In Play", "Request access WiFi".
  • Developers will be able to use WiFi for debuging, etc.
  • Baseband is now version 05:10:01. This means that all those who use unlock - do not update yet.
  • The iPhone is heated much less.
  • Old method to turn tethering on  does not work anymore.

UPDATE: Here are direct links to download firmware 3.1 b2:

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MiniGore Game Pre-release Video

Developers of MiniGore released a new video-game and the application has already been sent to Apple and is awaiting approval.


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Wednesday, July 15th, 2009. 19:31

App Store: 1.5 Billion apps have been downloaded

Apple today announced that customers have downloaded more than 1.5 billion applications in just one year. Here's more statistics: there are now 65,000 apps in AppStore and more than 100,000 developers in the iPhone Developer Program. Great news. AppStore is really revolutionary. Here is a comment from Steve Jobs:

“The App Store is like nothing the industry has ever seen before in both scale and quality,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “With 1.5 billion apps downloaded, it is going to be very hard for others to catch up.”


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iPhone 3GS Stress Test: multitasking [Video]


In order to understand the true power of the new iPhone 3GS let's do some tests on the new Apple device using the Backgrounder. You have about 150MB of RAM free, so you can open several applications and games at the same time and get good results. Here's the list:


  • Weathereye
  • Random Facts
  • Chalky
  • Google Apps
  • Phone
  • Mail


  • Assassin's Creed
  • Metal Gear Solid Touch
  • Real Racing

Games listed above are among those that require a lot of resources. However, the device continued to function without major delays. Here is a video demonstration:

Here is another related video:

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QuickShottr will automatically upload screenshots to the internet [Cydia]

QuickShottr allows you to automatically upload the screenshots made on iPhone / iPod on ImageShack site.

As you know, both Apple devices can create a screenshot ("pictures" of the screen). User just need to clicking the same time Home + Power buttins. QuickShottr will automatically upload screenshots to ImageShack (in background) and will copy the link to the clipboard.

quickshottr quickshottr1 quickshottr2

So if you want to share a picture with someone just call the copy/paste and click "Paste." You can QuickShottr in any application, f.e. in instant messaging that does not support sending and receiving images. This functionality is also very useful for bloggers or those who must quickly send images.

Current version is 1.1, it has been improved a lot since 1.0. There is also a SBSettings toggle called QuickShottr Toggle, that will allow to activate and deactivate this QuickShottr functionality through a simple click.

QuickShottr can be found in Cydia via the BigBoss repository.

via ispazio


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Quantum Collapse: RTS for iPhone [AppStore, Games, Video]

Quantum Collapse is one of the best games RTS (Real Time Strategy) games for iPhone and iPod Touch. The game was released less than a month ago and has already been updated to version 1.1. Regular price is $3.99, but it is on sal enow for $0.99 (AppStore link). There is also a free lite version (AppStore link).

qc qc


  • 13 Campaign missions providing more than 8 hours of gameplay
  • 11 Skirmish missions with 3 different AI Types.
  • Amazing Particle Effects and Explosions
  • 2 Completely different factions with unique designs and powers
  • Voxel generated terrain (no repetitive tilemaps)
  • Map Zoom.
  • Each unit has a unique powerup. Some super units have up to 6 of them.
  • Spell system enables you to take a huge part in the battle.

In next version developers will implement multiplayer with voice-chat. Note for iPhone 3GS users: the game has graphical glitches on the iPhone 3GS. Developers found the solution and the fix is on it's way.

Here is a demo video:

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Worms for iPhone released [AppStore, Games, Video]


Worms game is now avaliable in AppStore for $4.99 (iTunes link). It is so popular and it is really great. Here are couple screenshots:

worms_1 worms_2

worms_3 worms_4

Unfortunately to iPhone 2G/3G users it run really slow on therse devices.Here are couple reviews:

  • The game is SLOW. Lag time at every action, even in menus.
  • Really bad framerate.
  • I was expecting this game sience laste year when rumors came up about worms. Now i’m so very disapointed! IT’s very SLOW!

However iPhone 3GS users are happy:

  • Game is plenty fast on my 3GS!
  • First game that require a 3GS.

Here's a video demo:

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