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Step-by-step Tutorial: How to Jailbreak and Unlock Your iPhone 3G Using PwnageTool 4.1.3 (Mac OS) [iOS 4.2.1]


UPDATE: Обязательно (!) думайте перед тем, как что-нибудь сделать. Читайте внимательно и еще раз думайте. Не понятно - читайте снова. Спрашивайте до, а не после.

UPDATE 2: Если у вас 05.13 baseband и ниже - она ломается старыми способами, не надо обновляться до 05.14, 05.15 и 06.15. Хочется перейти на 4.1/4.2 - тогда делайте кастом прошивку с помощью pwnagetool.

UPDATE 3: Обновив версию baseband до iPad для анлока iPhone можно потерять GPS

UPDATE: Please, consider reading our Jailbreak & Unlock FAQ, especially if you have questions or troubles.

Данное пошаговое руководство позволит вам сделать джейлбрейк и анлок iPhone 3G на iOS 4.2.1 с помощью PwnageTool 4.1.3 под Mac OS X. Здесь также будут даны инструкции по обновлению baseband, если это необходимо для анлока (отвязки от оператора сотовой связи).

Для iPhone 3GS используйте руководство для iPhone 3GS.

Для пользователей Windows есть соответствующее пошаговое руководство.

Шаг 1
Создайте папку "Pwnage" на десктопе. Скачайте в нее все необходимое:

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Ultrasn0w unlock is being released


This is the tweet from MuscleNerd posted a minute ago. So it is just minutes to wait for new unlock utility ultrasn0w.

UPDATE: New ultrasn0w released! New PwnageTool 4.1.3 released. Read carefully this post from DevTeam first, then reread again!

UPDATE 2: new ultrasn0w 1.2 supports the following basebands:

  • iPhone 4: 01.59.00
  • iPhone 3G/3GS: 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01, 05.13.04, 06.15.00.

UPDATE 3: Step-by-step Tutorial: How to Jailbreak and Unlock

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UltraSn0w iPhone unlock fully working on iOS 4.2.1


MuscleNerd has recently announced via tweeter that ultrasn0w unlock for iPhone is now fully working on iOS 4.2.1

Finally got ultrasn0w working fully on 4.2.1. Apple inadvertently(!) broke ultrasn0w via aggressive compiler optimization

MuscleNerd previously announced that the ultrasn0w unlock should be available by Sunday for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. The unlock for the iPhone 4 will take much more time.

UPDATE: this is not a reason for update to iOS 4.2.1, wait for utilities.

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WiFi Connection Issues Still Affecting iOS 4.2.1 for iPad

wifi issue 1

Early this month we reported that Apple delayed the release of iOS 4.2 due to the Wi-Fi connection issues. Apple even released a second GM build for iPad to address the Wi-Fi issues. Finally, the iOS 4.2.1 went public. But iPad users still report that they experience Wi-Fi problems after upgrading to iOS 4.2.1. Some iPads fail to join a known WiFi network, some connect but connection drops after 5-10 minutes, some don’t drop the connection but are incredibly slow at rendering web pages and, for example, Youtube videos. Though the iOS 4.2.1 offers its users some fixes, including router reboots, resetting the iPad’s network settings and full restore to iOS 4.2.1, they seem not to work. Nevertheless not every an iPad user experiences such problems.


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Written by Svetlana Osipova

Sunday, November 28th, 2010. 18:37

HowTo bring the screen lock switch back to iPad iOS 4.2


In iPad OS 4.2 'Orientation Lock' was changed to 'Mute Switch'. If you want to change it back there is an app for that.

NoMute, a jailbreak only application, switches the controversial mute switch from iPad 4.2 into its former (and more useful) orientation lock. The plugin is free and you can get it from the BigBoss repository on Cydia.


By the way you can lock screen orientation without jailbreaking through multitasking panel - just push Home button twice, slide to the left and hit lock icon.


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iOS 4.3 rumored for December?

ios 4.3

iOS 4.2 was released only a couple of days ago, but Apple is rumored to plane to release the next major update of its mobile operating system, iOS 4.3, this December. New update, as expected, will allow users to subscribe to content and address initial issues with AirPlay. Apple is reportedly planning to hold special media event on December 9 where they will announce the subscription plans. After the special event, on December 13, Apple should release iOS 4.3. As rumored, the reason for the launch of new iOS version is Apple’s massive data center in North Carolina, the purpose of which remains unknown. In addition to supporting of the new payment mechanism, 4.3 version will also include the capability to automatically push out fresh content to tablets.


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Written by Svetlana Osipova

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010. 21:35

Apple hires people from RIM's enterprise sales team


According to the recent Wall Street Journal report, at least 5 RIM's former employees made a switch to Apple in the last year and a half and thus updated information in their resumes. Here are their names:

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Written by SimplyMax

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010. 19:36

Apple Updates Pages, Keynote and Numbers for iPad 4.2


In addition to release of new iOS 4.2 Apple updated their software bundle iWork for iPad, which includes Pages, Keynote and Numbers. So, what is new in this version of iWork? The most significant changes include:

For all programs:

  • Wireless printing with AirPrint using iOS 4.2;
  • Support for iOS 4.2 multitasking;
  • Localized in Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, and Traditional Chinese;
  • Improved usability and reliability;
  • Improved PDF export using iOS 4.2;


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Written by Svetlana Osipova

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010. 16:53

iPhone iOS 4.1 unlock will be released this week (might work with iOS 4.2.1)

DevTeam hacker MuscleNerd tweeted that they after releasing redsn0w jailbreak for 4.2 the team can start working on iPhone unlock. Users can expect the unlock for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS this week. The iPhone 4 unlock will take more time and no concrete info is available about that yet.


The ultrasn0w unlock will be released for iOS 4.1 firmware. So is you need unlock, do not update to iOS 4.2.1.


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RedSn0w 0.9.6b4: jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 released


DevTeam worked hard for the last several hours and released jailbreak tool for iOS 4.2.1. It is redsn0w 0.9.6 b4.

As usual we remind all ultrasn0w unlockers please stay away from this official firmware. Wait for the ability to create custom 4.2.1 IPSWs that don’t update your baseband!

New redsn0w 0.9.6 b4 uses limera1n exploit and will successfully jailbreak all devices. The only problem is that it is a tethered jailbreak, which means you will have to plug it to a computer and rerun redsn0w on every reboot. This so called tethered or semi-tethered jailbreak. This condition applies to iPhone 3GS (new bootrom), iPhone 4, iPad, iPod touch 2G (MC model), iPod touch 3G and iPod touch 4G. Hackers are working hard to create untethered jailbreak for these devices. To use future untethered jailbreak you need to save SHSH keys for iOS 4.1 using TinyUmbrella utility or directly in Cydia.

Old devices like iPhone 3GS (old bootrom), iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G (non-MC model) can be jailbroken-untethered right now using this latest version of RedSn0w.

You can download RedSn0w 0.9.6 b4 here.


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All you need to know about new iOS 4.2

ios 4.2

Finally, Apple released their rumored iOS 4.2. Here is a list of the new features and improvements added in this firmware:

  • AirPlay for steaming audio and video content to the Apple’s set-top box Apple TV with access to Netflix streaming.

  • Find My iPhone service became free for the current generation iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.
  • AirPrint: the feature allows to print over-the-air directly to certain HP printers. Perhaps, the company is interested in looking into third-party solutions.


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iOS 4.2 for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Apple TV is now available! Download links.


Apple finally released iOS 4.2 for iPhone 3G/3GS/4, iPad, iPod Touch 2G/3G/4G and even Apple TV 2G. Lot's of new features, especially for iPad. Apple calls new firmware 4.2, however the version is actually 4.2.1. Here are the download links:


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All information about iOS 4.2 in 15 minutes video

While we are all waiting for iOS 4.2 release for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, here is a quick video review of all new iOS 4.2 features:

Here is one about iOS 4.2 for iPad:

And this one is about iOS 4.2 for iPhone:

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Written by admin

Monday, November 22nd, 2010. 18:07

Apple will release iOS 4.2 today


Apple recently published a press release stating that new firmware iOS 4.2 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad will be available today.

Apple® today announced that iOS 4.2, the latest version of the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, is available today for download for iPad™, iPhone® and iPod touch®. iOS 4.2 brings over 100 new features from iOS 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 to iPad including Multitasking, Folders, Unified Inbox, Game Center, AirPlay® and AirPrint.

The iOS 4.2 update is available today to download to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch by syncing the device with iTunes 10.1. iOS 4.2 is compatible with iPad, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, second and third generation iPod touch (late 2009 models with 32GB or 64GB) and new iPod touch. Some features may not be available on all products. For example, Multitasking requires iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, third generation iPod touch (late 2009 models with 32GB or 64GB) or later.

However users are unable to update through iTunes right now, as well as there are no download links yet. The expected release time is 10 am Pacific Time.

Full press release is under the cut:

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Apple and News Corp Are Rumored To Work Together On iPad Newspaper

Ruper Murdoch, News Corp CEO

These days high-end fashion journal for women Women's Wear Daily revealed that Apple CEO Steve Jobs and News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch have been working closely on some project, which is called the Daily. It is said that there is a possibility Murdoch and Jobs together will soon appear onstage to unveil their new product.

The Guardian in the United Kingdom also posted info on that and specified that this is the tablet-only project, which will be allegedly developed with the help of Apple engineers and won't have a web edition or print edition.

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