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Apple Releases iPhone SDK 3.2

Apple has released the final version of iPhone SDK 3.2 for developers. It can be downloaded here. However this is for iPad only. iPhone OS 3.2 will not work with iPhone or iPod Touch right now. Here is an official note from Apple:

Hopefully Apple will release the new SDK and firmware for iPhone and iPod Touch soon.


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iPad Supports Dvorak keyboards

dvorak ipad

For some time people interested in the iPad's tech specs were wondering where the Dvorak keyboard support is. With iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 5 released on Tuesday developers finally found it. But on the evidence above it is clear that there is a hardware support, but not software (so you can connect external keyboard, but there is still no way to change iPad layout to Dvorak's).

It is interesting that though the hardware support is developed, there are no Bluetooth Dvorak keyboards produced at the moment to connect to the iPad (on the other hand you can always take usual keyboard and apply stickers to its keys).

To know more about Dvorak keyboard layour read here.


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Written by SimplyMax

Saturday, March 20th, 2010. 1:56

Apple released iPhone SDK 3.2 today


If you are an existing member of Apple's iPhone Developer Program, you can login on their site and download the new SDK, which includes an iPad simulator for testing apps that are under development.

There are also available new iPad Human Interface Guidelines and iPad Programming Guide that introduces new iPad features and how-to about their implementing in applications. New user interface guideline outlines ""how to effectively use the new views and controls available to you to deliver unforgettable applications to your customers".

Apple also launches a new Universal Application binary format for iPhone OS apps. It will allow developers to create an app that can take full advantage of the features of the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. So the iPad and iPhone code will be wrapped into one app package making distribution and management much easier.


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