Новый патент на IPhone



Apple недавно подала новый патент на IPhone. На более чем 370 страницах описывается множество потенциальных расширений возможностей как на аппаратном, так и на программном уровне.

С аппаратной точки зрения наиболее интересными дополнениями являются GPS и камера для видеоконференций.

Но уровне программного обеспечения указываются текстовые сообщения (чат), мультимедиа контент в браузере Сафари (Quicktime и Flash). Более того упоминаются блоггинг-клиент, загрузка Java программ, MMS и видео, голосовые команды, диктофон, видеоконференции и многое другое.

"[0142]Examples of other applications 136 that may be stored in memory 102 include other word processing applications, JAVA-enabled applications, encryption, digital rights management, voice recognition, and voice replication. "

Звучит так, как будто Apple хочет видеть Java в IPhone :)

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  1. I wouldn't be too sure. Apple is filing a patent, and patent applications tend to list possible realizations of the patent to establish the scope of the patent. Hence when they list flash, windows media, and Java it is not a commitment to do those, but they are saying to the patent examiner "Hey, you could also do it this way and it would be covered under the patent."

    So when you go to court an alleged infringer cannot say "But it's not a relevant patent, we use flash instead of Cocca!" the litigant can say "oh yes it does infringe, in fact the patent spells that scenario out!" But this is not required, just makes the case easier. Especially with such low hanging fruit as flash and java as plug-ins.

    IANAL, but I did stay at a holiday inn last night. Well, not really, but since I am not a lawyer I can mis-represent facts like where I stayed last night without risk of disbarment. Unless I am mis-representing that I mis-represented something. Why did I choose to not go to law school again?



    5 Jun 08 at 9:45 pm

  2. I absolutely agree with you. This patent just shows that Apple virtually thinks of such possibility - running Java on the IPhone. And this fact itself is quite good.



    9 Jun 08 at 3:52 pm

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