BossPrefs обновился до v2.15


BossPrefs обновился. Вот список изменений с версии 2.13b до 2.15:

  • Thanks to Pumpkin of the dev team who figured it out for me, I fixed the 3g toggle to work just like the built in 3g toggle. No more wifi going on or off, no more taking 30 seconds. It's nice and fast.
  • Updated the power icon to use the one sent by user Lucas (thanks).
  • Added remapping internally into fast respring so now on 2.1 when you add an app and use fast respring, the app will show up. Note that regular respring does not do this.
  • Properly signed the app removing the dependency on springbridge to launch apps off the dock. If you updated categories to 2.17 or greater and bossprefs to 2.15 or greater, you can uninstall springbridge.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008. 22:54

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