Categories обновились до v2.18


Вследом за BossPrefs обновились и Categories до v2.18. Вот список изменений с версии 2.16 до 2.18:


  • Settings App: Fixed issue where app kept crashing on load for a few people(most these people had adblockersin their etc/hosts).


  • Settings App: Replaced Default.png.
  • Settings App: Added some new icons by Andreas Ficher.
  • Settings App: Added admob into settings app GUI (note, no plans to have any ads in launcher).


  • Launcher: Removed dependency on springbridge and am lanching apps the old way thanks to Saurik who figured out that it just needed to be signed with the correct entitlements.
  • Settings App: Did not rev, still at 2.15.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008. 23:12

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