Stack скоро исчезнет [Cydia]



Недавно мы публиквали видео будущей версии приложения Stack (2.2). К сожалению, версии 2.2 не будет. Более того, текущая версия 2.1 будет удалена из Cydia. Почему? Разработчик обиделся на хакеров, взломавших его приложения для AppStore:

“I have to work extra hard as it is on creating things for the App Store, but when people like paniK go ahead and make my software available to pirates and I watch sales vanish overnight, it means I have to spend much more time on marketing and development for my App Store apps to try and offset my losses, leaving no time for projects like Stack that earn me nothing.”

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Monday, February 23, 2009. 19:01

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