Clippy обновилась до 0.98


Clippy - это приложение для iPhone реализующее функциональность copy/paste. Недавно произошло обновление до версии 0.98. Программа стала стабильнее, и, самое главное, абсолютно бесплатной.

Доступно в Cydia и Icy для джейлбрейкнутых iPhone'ов.

Changelog для 0.98: March 29, 2009:

  • Donate button added
  • Expiration code removed
  • More translations updated
  • Fix for accidental activations cause by UIScrollView/UIScroller events buffering
  • Menu aborts display if finger is moved/released while menu is showing
  • Now retrieves orientation from the statusbar if the window won't comply (fixes Safari and iPod in landscape)
  • Fix for apps that use a custom input traits (such as Colloquoy)
  • Paragraphs with inline links now copy the entire paragraph
  • All text no longer becomes highlighted when tapping text in some web sites (Gmail, others)
  • After saving an image to the library, Safari now continues to load properly
  • Holds are now more lenient and allow slight movement
  • Support for the upcoming HapticPro ;)

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