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The Comparison Of Existing iPad Alternatives


After iPad's appearance in late April many Apple's competitors decided to release their own tablets. Almost four months had passed since that moment and now we decided to study the market of iPad's rivals and write down every one that worth attention.

But before we start the list it is important to note that we chose the tablet devices that satisfied next criteria:

  1. No physical keyboard;
  2. Availability for purchase;
  3. The screen must be at least 5''.

Let's go!

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Apple iPad vs other e-readers

Darren Beckett created a small table, comparing the entry-level iPad's cost and functions with popular e-readers like the Amazon Kindle DX, Fusion Garage JooJoo, Sony Reader and others.

While the iPad is as the most expensive on the list, it's fairly obvious if you need anything more than a simple e-reader, the iPad offers the most bang for your buck.



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Comparison Table: iPad vs Other Tablets

tablets_montage 500x_slates_lenovo_archos_9

A few days ago Apple introduced the iPad, but obviously it is not the only device of its kind on the market. Gizmodo created a comparison table, where they are analyze different features of 8 devices:

  • Apple iPad
  • HP Slate
  • Fusion Garage JooJoo
  • Notion Ink Adam
  • Dell Mini 5
  • Archos 7 Android
  • Lenovo IdeaPad U1
  • Archos 9

Here is the table:


As you can see, these wonderful devices have different strengths and weaknesses, all users have to do is to choose which ones are more important, visit the store and... buy an iPad :)


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