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Sumo’s Playful Sleeves for iPad are Now Available

Would you like to get colorful sleeves for your iPad? Many users will be pleased to hear that the company Sumo has already thought about it and developed an unusual design of sleeves for your device from the company Apple.

Mobile Edge has released six new sleeves for iPad by Sumo, which are designed to protect your tablet device from scratches and bumps when you take it with you for work while traveling abroad. These neoprene sleeves are used as a cushion that protects the iPad’s display, but they look beautiful and stylish. New sleeves will be available in two models: Camo or Graffiti, and will also be offered in different colors.

These funny sleeves would cost a user $ 19.99 for each, and on its back side you can easily find the service life.


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Written by bbagira

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010. 22:47

The Fastest Text Input Test: Laptop, iPhone, Pen, Palm or Newton?

Six writing things

In this test one man writes a long paragraph on several different devices (including pen and paper) to test the speed. The results may surprise you.

The contestants are:

  • Apple iPhone 3G’s software QWERTY keyboard (2009)
  • Apple Newton MessagePad 2100’s handwriting recognition (1997)
  • Palm Treo 650’s hardware QWERTY keyboard (2004)
  • Palm VX Graffiti handwriting recognition software (1999)
  • MacBook full-size QWERTY keyboard
  • pen and paper

The test is not completely fair, since with handheld keyboards the speed greatly depends on how often you use them. The tester has been using an iPhone as his main handheld for 18 months.

The tester used an article with 221 words. Here are the results:

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