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Playboy Magazine coming to iPad uncensored


Hugh Hefner, Playboy founder, announced on Twitter today that the full catalog of Playboy Magazine, from its very first issue in 1953 to its latest one, is coming to the iPad this March. Moreover it will be uncensored. The magazine delivery may be related to Apple's recent plans to open up subscription billing for magazine and newspaper content. Such debut also may mean that Apple has relaxed or removed their current restriction against nudity. Though, it’s doubtful that Apple allows mature content to overflow App Store. The company is likely to be testing a new section. There are no further details on the iPad version of the magazine.


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Written by Svetlana Osipova

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011. 16:02

Official Playboy App for iPhone Approved


On Tuesday, December 8, the official Playboy iPhone app hopped into the App Storу. Everybody can buy it for just $1.99.

The app is a scaled-down iPhone version of the largest selling men’s magazine, Playboy, and includes portions of the text from the following well known features … Playboy Interview, Playboy Advisor, 20 Questions, Party Jokes, Fashion and more.

playboyiphoneapp11 playboyiphoneapp22

However do not expect to see everything you can find in the magazine. Apple does NOT allow nudity in the App Store. So the application includes the Playmate’s intro, data sheet, preview pictures and exclusive behind the scenes preview video. Theresa Hennessey explained: “The pictures are all non-nude or cropped, either from the magazine pictorial or from the Playmate’s Playboy.com pictorial.”

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