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Readers Like Ads On The iPad More Than Its Print Versions


Dave Dickson from Adobe Digital Publishing blog published the results from another interesting survey that studied people's perception of different ads.

The research paper is entitled "Digital Ad Engagement: Perceived Interactivity as a Driver of Advertising Effectiveness" and was conducted by Alex Wang, Ph. D. at the University of Connecticut.

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Written by SimplyMax

Monday, January 24th, 2011. 21:38

Apple iTablet video demonstartion

Magazine publishers seem to already be getting on board with the concept of a media tablet even based on just the possibility that Apple will enter the market in the near future. The latest concept design comes from Time Inc who developed this design prototype to show off their plans. They think that digital magazines will replicate the print version, including advertising, and will include add-ons like multimedia and links to the Web. The publisher imagines that it will port all its titles into the new format, which it says will be ready for primetime by the middle of next year or sooner.

The ultimate design is planned to run on "whatever tablet Apple or any[one] else has up their sleeves" according to All Things Digital:


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