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Weekend Sales from Gameloft, Sega, Namco, Tin Man Games and Gamerizon

Here is what's on sale from Gameloft, Sega, Namco, Tin Man Games and Gamerizon. Take a look at these 77 games that are on sale this time:

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Friday, November 23rd, 2012. 16:43

Videos of popular iPhone games running on the Apple iPad

SlideToPlay published several interesting videos where popular games are shown on the iPad in action. You can see games like Need for Speed Shift, Super Monkey Ball 2 and NOVA played on the big screen. Some of them are optimized for the bigger resolution, others are just a 2x bigger rendering of the exact same iPhone game you can buy now.

The titles of the first movie are Assassin's Creed, Sims 3, Tetris, and Paper Toss:

Here's the video of NOVA:

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Many games from AppStore are hacked

Apple's Fairplay DRM, which protects all the applications you download from iTunes, has been hacked. The method for hacking this has actually been around for a while, but has been recently applied to Super Monkey Ball and distributed into the wild. To do this, you'll need a jailbroken iPhone and SSH installed (to transfer the game and to fiddle with permissions). The theory is a bit techy and complex, but the execution isn't too insane. iPhone developers are disappointed about this :)


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Top 10 sellers in AppStore

The big winners in Apple's new online App Store are gamemakers, who dominated sales in the week since the new iPhone 3G hit stores.

Seven of the top 10 paid applications, including the top five, were video games, led by Sega's Super Monkey Ball, a rolling racing game. Even among the free iPhone and iPod Touch applications, which include popular social networking sites like Facebook and the Internet radio service Pandora, the top title is Tap Tap Revenge, a rhythm game similar to Guitar Hero.

These 10 titles sold the best in the iTunes App Store:

  1. Super Monkey Ball (Sega) games

  2. Texas Hold 'Em (Apple) games

  3. Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3-D (Vivendi) games

  4. Enigmo (Pangea Studios) games
  5. Tetris (EA) games

  6. iBeer (Hotrix) entertainment

  7. Recorder (Retronyms) utilities

  8. Solitaire (MobilityWare) games

  9. Units (Crossword Solutions) utilities

  10. Scrabble (EA) games


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