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iPhone 4 and 3GS Rank as Best-Selling U.S. Smartphones


Research firm NPD has recently announced results of its Mobile Phone Track report for the second quarter of 2011. Android is still leading the U.S. smartphone with 52% of the market; Apple's iPhone has 29% while BlackBerry devices only 11% of the market. But the 14-month-old iPhone 4 is continuing to lead the market in sales, and the 8 GB 26-month-old iPhone 3GS takes the second place, perhaps, because its that price now dropped to $49.

Here are the top five best-selling phones during Q2, via NPD’s Mobile Phone Track service:

  1. Apple iPhone 4
  2. Apple iPhone 3GS
  3. HTC EVO 4G
  4. HTC Inspire 4G
  5. Samsung INTENSITYII


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Quick Test: iPhone 4 vs HTC Evo 4G

CNet made a quick testing of one of the most interesting smartphones on the market today: Apple iPhone 4 and HTC Evo 4G. Guess who is the winner? Let's take a look:

You can find spec comparison here.


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Camera Tests for iPhone 4 And Other Devices


When the iPhone 4 was introduced at the WWDC, Apple especially noted the capabilities of the device, putting emphasis on its camera. The company said that, even though the iPhone 4 had only 5 megapixels, while 8 megapixels was beginning to be the norm for the latest smartphones, the iPhone 4 would have a far superior performance thanks to some special features that go far beyond the simple megapixel count.

Now the iPhone 4 is finally on the market, and so are samples of the new Droid X from Motoralla introduced on Wednesday. This made camera tests possible and this is what Macworld did in their series of tests aimed to compare 4 devices: the iPhone 4, it’s predecessor 3GS, the Droid X, the HTC EVO 4G, Samsung HZ35W and Galaxy, as well as basic Sony and Samsung point-and-shoot cameras. For the video test, the devices were also compared to the Flip Video M2120.

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The cost of iPhone 4 Compared to Top Smartphones


The prices for the iPhone 4, Droid Incredible, Evo 4G and Nexus One are very similar. But in this chart you can see how much you’ll have to spend on each of the devices during a 2-year period.

The results for the iPhone 4 are quite encouraging, especially in the Minimum Plan Total Cost category. However, you should remember that nowadays AT&T is the only carrier that offers tiered data. This means that for $2,000 you can only enjoy 200 MB a month, which doesn’t exactly compare to the unlimited plans of the other 3 devices. With the “unlimited” plan you’ll be able to use 2GB, which is enough in most cases. If it isn’t, be ready to spill out an extra $10 per 1GB each month.

Still, the performances of all the 4 devices are really very close, so you can do some research while waiting for the iPhone 4 to come into the market.


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Written by SimplyMax

Friday, June 25th, 2010. 10:16

iPhone 4 vs HTC EVO 4G, Nokia N8, Palm Pre Plus and HTC HD2

We know how the new iPhone 4 compares to the iPhone 3GS. Now it is time to size it against its fiercest competitors from all the major platforms. Take a look at the results against the HTC EVO 4G, Nokia N8, Palm Pre Plus and HTC HD2:

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HTC Accuses Apple in Violating of 5 Their Patents

HTC logo

This Wednesday HTC accused Apple in infringing of five their patents. The countersuit was filed with the International Trade Commission and now asks to halt the importation of the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad into America.

Vice President of HTC in North America Jason Mackenzie says the action was taken to protect its partners and customers.

"HTC believes the industry should be driven by healthy competition and innovation that offer consumers the best, most accessible mobile experiences possible".

The press release given by HTC underlines that the company created the most advanced smartphones in the world for the last 10 years.

At this moment there are twelve HTC phones available in America, including the HTC HD2 for T-Mobile, the HTC EVO 4G for Sprint and the Droid Incredible for Verizon.

Still there is no information revealed about the patents that are involved in the suit.


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