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Griffin iTrip: FM Transmitter for iPhone

Griffin has produced a new accessory for the iPhone is capable of transmitting the FM signal. It's called iTrip.


This is one of the first cases of iPhone accessories controlled by an app. iTrip is used in conjunction with a free application called iTrip (AppStore link).

Operation is very simple: connect the Dock accessory, run the iTrip app, click on the "SmartScan" to automatically find the best frequency. Now we can play the music on our iPhone and transmit it to the car radio or home stereo without any problems.

The new iTrip is really well done and is compatible with almost all iPod / iPhone. Costs $50.


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Connect iPhone or iPod to your car stereo system [CNet Video]

How to connect an iPhone or an iPod to a car stereo system? What are the differences between fm transmitter and fm modulator? You'll get an answer in this video:


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