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List of Cydia Apps compatible and incompatible with firmware 3.1


Some users have already performed jailbeak for firmware 3.1 and faced problems with several Cydia applications. Some work with no problems, others send the iPhone to Safe Mode. Here is a list of compatible and non-compatible apps.

Applications NOT compatible with Firmware 3.1:

  • Winterboard
  • Backgrounder
  • Mobile Finder
  • ActivateMMS2G
  • Cycorder
  • PasteBoardStacker

Applications partially compatible with Firmware 3.1:

  • Cydia (apparently does not show the badge icon when there are updates available)
  • SBSettings (everything works except the button "Restart")
  • BossPrefs (everything works except the button "Respring")

Applications fully compartible with Firmware 3.1

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YXFlash: player for Xvid, DivX, Flash and more


YXFlash is a new application that is available in Cydia and includes the codecs to display Xvid / DivX video files . We will not longer need to convert movies into a format supported by Apple. The converted videos do play a bit smoother due to hardware acceleration, but xvid videos are watchable, at least the ones I tested. The player also plays flash content if you have downloaded flash flv videos to your device. It is not a web based flash player, this does not play flash videos embedded on websites. In order to add the videos just upload them using iFunBox or iPhone Browser.

Here is the complete list of formats supported by the complete version:

  • Flash Video -> .flv
  • Mpeg4, H.264
  • Windows Media Video (.wmv)
  • Xvid/DivX (.avi)
  • MP4, MP3, AAC and Windows Media Audio

The free version offers support only for MP3 and DivX. You can download the application via Cydia in the BigBoss repository. The full version costs around $10.


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