72% of iPad owners are very satisfied with their product


During October 2010 ChangeWave surveyed 3,108 consumers to understand the latest trends and demand on the PC and Netbook markets, including the impact of the iPad. Here are some interesting facts that were revealed by the research company:

  1. 6% of people surveyed have plans on buying a desktop, 8% want to purchase a laptop.
  2. In June 2009 24% of those asked wanted to buy a netbook, but now there only 14% of them. Vice President of Research in ChangeWave Paul Carton explains this with an emerging market of Tablet computers, which was for a long time presented only by Apple iPad.

    Moreover, in a close-up look at Tablet demand trends for the Holidays our ChangeWave survey finds continuing momentum for the iPad.

  3. 72% of current iPad owners are 'very satisfied' with their product, another 23% say they are 'somewhat satisfied'.
  4. The Tablet market is currently filling up by the HP Slate, the RIM PlayBook and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.
  5. 26% of respondents plan to purchase a tablet computer in the future - 8% of them are very likely to do that and 18% are somewhat likely.
  6. 80% of those, who will likely purchase a Tablet, are going to buy an iPad. 8% would like to have the RIM's PlayBook, 3% are interested in the Samsung Galaxy Tab and 2% are looking forward for HP Slate.

The complete ChangeWave report costs $1,500 and can be downloaded here.



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