Another NPD fact sheet: almost every Mac user has also a Windows PC

These days NPD issued another "fact sheet" for the holiday consumer electronics buying season, which has some interesting facts on Apple's devices. Here are they:

  • Last quarter became the most successful for iPad, as Apple reach a record figure of 4.19 million units sold over this three-month period.
  • Those, who already bought an iPad at least two months ago, are using it 18 hours per week on the average.
  • 58% of all the iPad buyers have Wi-Fi model, other 42% chose to purchase 3G-enabled model.
  • For people, who use iPad outside their home, 37% use it on vacations or trips, 21% said the iPad is very useful on the work, and 7% get an advantage of their tablet device on the way to work and back home.
  • 86% of Mac users own at least two computers, while among Windows PC owners there are only 65% of such users. It is also interesting that 97% of all households have a Windows-based machine, which means that almost every Mac owner with two or more computers has at least one Windows PC.
  • 11 percent of all consumers who were surveyed told they are likely to buy an iPad by February of 2011.

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Written by SimplyMax

Thursday, November 25, 2010. 0:20

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