Apple Contacts iPhone 4S Users To Resolve Battery Life Issues

iphone-4sSince the iPhone 4S launch, some users have complained about battery life issues. Apple actually reduced the battery life in a standby mode from 300 hours on previous iPhone model to 200 hours on the iPhone 4S, but battery life in active mode was considered to be the same or even better.

According to The Guardian, some users have indeed faced rapid battery discharge both in active and standby modes, which can suggest that some background task is consuming battery power.

One user noted that his battery drained 10% every hour in a standby mode. The user turned off all features such as location service and Siri and even set up the clean phone without apps installed, but the battery drain still was rapid. The user then received a call from an Apple’s engineer who collects data about the issue and he asked him to install the system monitoring program to help find out what is wrong with the device.

Apple has not yet offered an explanation for the battery drain issue, but reports from users suggest that the reason may lie in corrupted contacts. Some users said that backup and restore in iTunes may help and until Apple provides a solution, users affected by the battery issue have to try out various solutions.

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Written by maxim

Saturday, October 29, 2011. 13:17

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  1. Желтая пресса, конкуренты просто слюни пускают. Вот хоть как-то пытаются подпортить репутацию Apple®



    30 Oct 11 at 3:26 pm

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