Apple Extends Warranty Coverage In Australia To Two Years

Australian Consumer Protections law requires that sellers of products provide warranties for a reasonable period of time from date of delivery until the problem becomes apparent, which has been interpreted for computers as two years. Apple offers a standard warranty for one year on all its products, while AppleCare provides coverage for three years on Macs.

Today The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Apple’s authorized resellers and retail store staff have been informed of a change in how the company handles warranty claims in Australia. The report notes:

“Until now, many Apple consumers have reported on forums that store staff have only ever discussed with them a standard 12-month manufacturer warranty when selling, fixing or replacing Apple goods.

Apple has now changed this from 12 months to 24, which appears to bring it in line with Australian Consumer Law”.

The consumer protection law also requires buyers to contact the seller for a warranty claim instead of the manufacturer. It means that a non-Apple retailer is responsible for warranty claims on Apple’s products purchased at its stores. This also means that if a third-party product was bought at an Apple retail store the company is responsible for satisfying these requirements of the Australian law.

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