Apple was granted a patent for protection from accidentally clicking on device

Today Apple received a 2009 patent application. It allows users to control the device by pressing or squeezing parts of the cover. Illustration of a range of different devices in the patent reveals potentially sensitive to touch areas.


The patent, which was discovered by AppleInsider, combines two different methods for the detection and measurement of pressure applied: the physical and electrical. The capacitance test that works in similar principle to touch screens, will allow the device to distinguish the human touch from accidental pressure while the device is carried in a pocket or bag.

"Sensors disposed within the housing, in some embodiments directly beneath the surface, can detect when deflection occurs, which in turn denotes stress or pressure. In some embodiments, the sensors are connected to a printed circuit board that can in turn illuminate a light or other indicator when a minimum amount of readable stress is applied … A processor can take the measurements with their corresponding deflection rates, and translate them into device actions. For example, a threshold stress level is reached when a user presses down on a certain area of a device's housing. The processor determines that the capacitance change is outside the bounds of normal readings and can trigger a UI event or other device feature in response. The system can be customized to detect patterns and varied sensitivities to support a broad range of tasks."

Apple has patented a large number of technologies, which it never uses, either as potential solutions, which later will be rejected or will serve as protection against the use of competitor.

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Written by Svetlana Osipova

Wednesday, March 6, 2013. 20:06

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