BossPrefs 2.08b Update

v2.10b is out and solves some reported issues:

  • The 2.0.8b new EDGE method worked great for about 1/2 the people and not at all for the other 1/2. I have added a config option to decide which method to use. It defaults to new.
  • Reverted the way the 5 restricted apps and bossprefs get hidden to the older method where they become unhidden on updates. The 5 restricted apps did not work when launched from another app or system protocol like HTML page call. And double tap home for bossprefs was broken when it was hidden. This should work now. On every update, bossprefs will be unhidden, however. Sorry, no fix to this.
  • Added IP address to 3g line and fixed edge/3g IP address issue. In 2.0 the network device is renamed.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008. 23:51

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