Categories updated to v2.23 [Cydia]


Categories allows you to create folders on your desktop. It is a nice application from Cydia, recently updated to version 2.23.

Here is a change list:

  • Fixed issue where users behind a proxy had the app close and safari open in some cases.
  • Worked on memory usage. Fixed a large memory leak. (There is still a memory leak in the configuration part of the app, but it’s not as big. I hope I get time to fix it in the near future).
  • The iPhone 2.1 and newer froze up when trying to respring with less than 7MB RAM. When memory got low, springboard would kill the app causing it to respring and freeze up. The respring flag should now be cleared in most cases when memory gets this low.
  • The app will now detect if it gets closed due to low memory and allow you to continue your editing where you left off.
  • Memory free and respring state are now in the status bar while the app is running

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Thursday, February 19, 2009. 12:56

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