Clippy updated to version 0.96-1 [Cydia]

Clippy is an iPhone addition from Cydia for copy/paste functionality. It was updated to version 0.96-1. Many issues are resolved and a lot of bugs fixed. Among these are: the ability to copy text from Safari, the ability to copy text from messages or biteSMS and Fix for the Mail application, many different crashes, etc.


  • Press-and-hold on list items to invoke Clippy on static text
  • Press-and-hold on the keyboard's "123" button to invoke Clippy on editable text
  • Tap-pause-and-drag to highlight portions of editable text (except in web pages)

Install from Cydia on a jailbreaked iPhone or iPod Touch.

Here are several photos that show how Clippy works:

img_0154 img_0155

img_0156 img_0157

img_0158 img_0159
img_0160 img_0161

Changelog Clippy 0.96-1:

  • Improved menu display & animation
  • Fixed crash in MobileMail when adding contacts
  • Support for TwitterFon
  • Disabled when SpringBoard is locked
  • No intercepts taps once menu is shown
  • Copying from web views now works on 2.1 and earlier
  • Menu now shows properly from alert views
  • Fixed "monacle" persisting in text areas
  • Added Slovenian translation

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