Clippy updated to 0.97-2 [Cydia]

Clippy is an iPhone addition from Cydia for copy/paste functionality. It was updated to version 0.97-2. The main bug that was fixes is a crash of different applications such as Notes, Safari, Mail and others where the animation was drawn. New version also added a language pack, improved the animation of the menu, full support for selecting editable text in web views, themes support and a lot more.

Avaliable via Cydia for jailbreaked iPhones.

Full changelog for 0.97 updates:

0.97-2: March 20, 2009

  • Fix crash when closing menu and animation is disabled
  • Proper support for secondary plugins (with behaviour similar to Stack)
  • Fix large popups extending outside the screen
  • Full Italian localization

0.97-1: March 19, 2009

  • Fix ∞ loop & crash when .?123 button is held
  • Now copies only the selected text in <input>s
  • Enabled in Cydia
  • Added ability for plugins to customize their title on a per-object basis
  • No longer intercepts messages for deactivated targets

0.97: March 17, 2009

  • Full support for selecting editable text in web views
  • Visual feedback when selecting action from menu
  • Theme support for popup menu
  • Support for labels as activation sources
  • Localization support in Settings pane
  • Paste is now available in secure text fields
  • New selection drawing code with improve performance & accuracy
  • More languages + credit in the Settings pane for authors (thanks again translators)
  • Plugins may now request that the menu stay open
  • Additional Toolkit APIs for Plugins
  • Clippy no longer activates in Stocks app (and other apps where it can't retrieve data)
  • Menu now respects device orientation
  • Disable autocorrection when pasting (should now be consistent between OS versions)
  • .?123 button now works consistently across OS versions
  • Pasting text no longer inserts the text twice
  • Fixed freeze/network stall in some apps that use web views
  • Fixed rare crash in SpringBoard

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  1. 097-3 released :) happy updating.

    Proper support for secondary plugins (finally fixes activation in Stocks)
    Copying static text in Safari for all OS versions
    Menu now closes when pasting from stack
    Fix for pasting multi-word text when autocorrection is enabled
    Added Respring Device button to Settings pane
    Fixed most cases where areas were highlighted even through they aren't selected
    Fix for crash in UIKeyboardLayoutRoman
    Updated Traditional Chinese localization



    23 Mar 09 at 12:32 am

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