Susan Kare about her work at Apple

Susan Kare, the creator of many of the original elements of the interface for the Apple Macintosh in the mid-1980s, comments on her work at Apple in an interview with Path (via AppleInsider). Kare joined Apple the first time under the name "Macintosh artist" through software programmer Andy Hertzfeld, whom she knew from high school.


When she was asked about her impact on the design and her time in the Apple, she replied:

"I was so lucky to get to work in the Macintosh group with great colleagues and talented programmers. That experience introduced me to interface design development and how I might be able to contribute as a graphic designer to the overall user experience. It also gave me practice in aiming to communicate big concepts in small spaces."

At Apple, Kare was responsible for most of the visualization and the original Macintosh icons, as well as most of the marketing materials. She became most famous for creating Chicago sans-serif font and the “Happy Mac’ icon that welcomed early Mac users on startup.

Kare is currently working as an independent artist and created a set of "stickers" for social networking application Path.

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