The Comparison Of Existing iPad Alternatives


After iPad's appearance in late April many Apple's competitors decided to release their own tablets. Almost four months had passed since that moment and now we decided to study the market of iPad's rivals and write down every one that worth attention.

But before we start the list it is important to note that we chose the tablet devices that satisfied next criteria:

  1. No physical keyboard;
  2. Availability for purchase;
  3. The screen must be at least 5''.

Let's go!

1. Archos 5 Internet Tablet

Price: $299 for 16GB version

OS: Android 1.6

Screen: 4.8" (800x480), resistive

Paris-based company Archos knew how to make excellent portable media centers long before the iPad appeared. These three models are an excellent example of evolution of media players into tablets.

archos51 archos54

archos53 archos52

2. Archos 7 Home Tablet

Price: $199

OS: Android 1.5

Screen: 7", (800x480), resistive

archos71 archos72

archos73 archos74

3. Archos 9

Price: $549.99

OS: Windows 7 Starter Edition

Screen size: 8.9", (1024x600), resistive

archos91 archos92

archos93 archos94

4. Augen Gentouch78

Price: $150

OS: Android 2.1

Screen size: 7", (800x480), resistive

Though it has an unauthorized version of Android Marketplace, its price is quiet impressive.

augen_gentouch_781 augen_gentouch_782

augen_gentouch_783 augen_gentouch_784

5. Dell Streak

Price: $549.99

OS: Android 1.6 at first; 2.2 later this year

Screen size: 5" (800x480), capacitive

Dell positions it as a data device with an ability to make calls, not a phone with an ability to work with data.

dell_streak_1 dell_streak_2

dell_streak_3 dell_streak_4

6. EnTourage eDGe

Price: $539

OS: Android 1.6

Screen size: The model has a 10.1" LCD touchscreen  (1024x600) and 9.7" E-Ink touchscreen (1200x825).

The company developed its own app store and e-book store to promote its product.

edge1 edge2

edge3 edge4

7. Fusion Garage JooJoo

Price: $499

OS: Linux Ubuntu

Screen size: 12.1" (1366х768), capacitive

Also formerly known as CrunchPad, the device was intended to be a direct iPad's rival that has Ubuntu preinstalled. But currently it has a browser-based Linux OS with a bunch of internet apps.

joojoo1 joojoo2

joojoo3 joojoo4

Apart from these models there are more to appear soon. Stay tuned with us to know more on that!

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