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iCan video: an answer to iDon't and iDon't Care

We have seen a video from Verizon named iDon't and an ansfer from iPhone fans - the video named iDon't Care. Here's a new one, called iCan. It describes what a jailbreaked iPhone can do:

Here is the list of apps for that:

  • Can be customized: using Winterboard
  • I can run applications simultaneously: thanks to Backgrounder and Kirikae
  • I can always use the tethering: thanks to the tweaks available in Cydia
  • I call with Skype on 3G network: using VoiceOver3G or 3GUnrestrictor
  • Support an open development: with applications to be released via Cydia

Nice, isn't it?


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iDon't Care: The answer to Verizon and the Motorola Droid [Video]

There was an Anti-iPhone advertising campaign from Verizon called "iDon't" and designed to publicize the new Motorola Droid listing all the shortcomings of the iPhone. Today a new video was published obviously in favor of the iPhone, called "iDon't Care".

Obviously it was not made by Apple, which usually responds with irony only to Microsoft. The author is Jon Anderson, a simple Apple fan as well as admirer of the iPhone.

He's the original video from Verizon:

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