Apple From 1976 To 2010 in Video Footage

Company named Transparent House created a video tribute to an Apple. Its idea was to design some of the well-known innovative products that company has developed in their more than 30 years history.

All the animation took about 10 days to complete. The work was done using only 3Ds Max and V-Ray Render. Creators say it is not connected with Apple or any commercial company, and they hope it will be used only in educational purposes. Let's watch!

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Written by SimplyMax

Wednesday, March 3, 2010. 18:52

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  1. '..they hope it will be used in educational purposes only.'

    Pluuuueze STOP IT!

    How can anyone propose a video/animated representation of 'Apple's history' to date without showing the Quadra or the other memorable desktops (such as the introduction of the dual-processor option)? And let's not forget the enviable line of desktops produced by vendors licensed (and later killed by Apple)--I believe one of the most sought after was 'Genesis', from Daystar. (They were Apple systems--even if they were not manufactured by Apple--and it is a VERY important part of Apple's history [infamous a time as it may have been].)

    I'm not an 'Apple fan boy' by any stretch (I haven't owned anything Apple since the late 90's), but the omissions are unforgivable (in light of the purported purpose).

    A 'retake' should be the least of efforts to correct this mockery.


    Ivan Azymov

    14 Dec 10 at 7:51 pm

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