Apple has been hit with $530,000 lawsuit in China

M.I.C Gadget reports that a new lawsuit at Apple were filed by the Shanghai Animation Film Studio. Apple allegedly permitted the sale of films without the consent of the Studio. Given that Apple does not directly sell the audio or video content through the iTunes Store in China, it seems that the problem is with movies provided through third-party applications in the App Store.


"Shanghai Animation Film Studio, China’s first and official animation factory, sued Apple for hosting applications containing unlicensed versions of their works on its App Store that were available for download, demanding a total compensation of 3.3 million yuan (around $530,000 USD) from Apple for violating the copyrights of their 110 works."

South China Morning Post has more information about the situation, noting that Apple refused to comment and that officials from the animation studio made only a brief statement on this matter.

"We want to keep tight-lipped on this case because, as we see it, it's just a litigation in which we want to get compensation [for our product]," said an official from the Shanghai studio. "It's a sensitive period now since Apple is a big multinational company and it is surrounded by controversies on its practices in China."

In a long series of legal troubles for Apple in China, this lawsuit is the last, which includes patent lawsuit on Siri and the case held late last year in which Apple lost $ 82,000 for the unauthorized sale of Chinese encyclopedia through its App Store. A high-level case in China was over the trademark "iPad" in the country, which ended with approval of Apple to pay $ 60 million last year.

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