Apple Ranked 35th in "Best Places to Work 2014" List

Glassdoor.com, a job listing website, has recently conducted a survey in order to determine the best and the worst places to work. The company from Cupertino has been ranked 35th in the "Best Places to Work 2014" list, one spot down if to compare with its last year’s achievement.

According to what AppleInsider writes,

After breaking into the top-ten on Glassdoor's list in 2011, employee reviews now have company in 35th place despite dropping only 0.1 points on a five-point "Satisfaction" rating scale. For this year's list, Apple received a score of 3.8 out of 5.

The survey has been conducted among the actual company employees. That means that the results are up to date and accurate.

Take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of working for Apple.


  • "The pros are that you work with great people with great hours and great benefits"
  • "You get to meet a lot of great people since you are always in the public eye"


  • "Being relentlessly driven also means it is not easy to achieve work/life balance"
  • "Sometimes long hours because of product launches, but thats the best part of apple"

Have you ever thought about being a part of a tech giant like Apple? If to speak about me, working for such a big corporation is definitely not the thing I dream about. Anyway, this is just what I think, leave your comments and tell me why or why not it is good to work at Apple.

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