Apple Store iPad Smart Sign jailbroken

The Smart Sign is the iPad in front of each Apple product. It explains and provides specifications for the product. Customers are not able to actually use this iPad for anything but the Smart Sign application However with the right top-secret gesture anything is possible. One user figured out the secret gesture, went to the home screen, launched up Safari, and jailbroke the Smart Sign with the new JailbreakMe 3.0 tool. Here is the video:

UPDATE: Video is deleted from youtube by Apple request :)

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  1. Ну вот, теперь из-за этого умельца, Эпл выпустил фикс на JailbrakeME и с анлоком на следующих прошивках (уже на 4.3.4) вывалилось в проблемы.


    admin Reply:

    не, Apple выпустила фикс из-за другого умельца, который слил в сеть джейл JailbreakMe раньше времени.



    31 Jul 11 at 3:08 pm

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