Apple testing iOS 4.1, next-gen iPod touch, iPad and 'unknown' product

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Apple is testing the first material update to its iOS 4.0, next-generation iPod touches, an iPad revision, and an "unknown" product.

The latest beta of iOS 4.1 includes three new "Configuration Descriptors" within its USB configuration files - all of which pertain to devices that list "Apple, Inc." as their "manufacturer" (see screenshot).

The first product, a fourth-generation iPod touch, is referenced as "iPod 4,1." This year's iPod touch calls for models akin to iPhone 4, equipped with dual cameras, FaceTime support, Apple's A4 processor, and Retina Display.

The second product referenced in the USB configuration files is "iProd 2,1." All indications are that this device represents a material update to the iPad.

Finally, is a previously undiscovered mention of a mysterious device listed as "unknownHardware." Although the configuration files tag this device with Apple product ID of 20547, it's textual descriptor is similarly listed as "Unknown- Add device descriptor info for this device." It's possible that those place holders are to be dubbed iTV - capable of running App Store applications and based on iOS 4.0 platform.

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