Apple Working On Local Backup System For iOS Devices In Genius Bar


Sources indicate that Apple is planning to add new hardware solution to its Apple Store Genius Bar that would allow its employees to quickly back up data on the devices requiring replacement and pull back that data on the replacement devices. Users are always advised to back up data before bringing them for replacement to a Genius Bar, and those who fail to do it can lose valuable data.

According to sources, the solution would be a local wireless backup system that is able to quickly obtain an iCloud backup from a device and store it temporarily while the device is replaced. After powering and activating (if necessary) the device, Genius Bar employees can move that data onto the replacement device to provide the user with an updated and fully-functional new device.

While users could likely use their iCloud accounts and in-store Wi-Fi access to conduct similar backups if the device replacement is required, the local systems reportedly would be capable to operate more quickly and can be useful for users who have not iCloud accounts.

Sources note that the project is in the prototyping phase and may not even be released, but if the company decides to implement this hardware solution it may begin appearing in Apple Stores in mid-2103.

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