Apple’s New Patent Describes 3D Display & Imaging System


As Patently Apple reports, US Patent and Trademark Office published a patent granted to Apple, which covers 3D display and imaging technologies. This invention could lead to Kinect-like navigation by manipulating holographic images and performing gestures within a virtual 3D system.

Basically, these technologies would allow performing gestures within a 3D space while your hands are showed on the display, which makes possible more precise manipulation of elements on the screen.

The patent’s inventor states that these technologies could be used for head tracking, presence detection and auxiliary display functions. One can only imagine the potential application of the invention in business and gaming apps that will run on future Apple TV.

Also the technology could implement audio feedback. For example, when pressing a button within the virtual 3D space, a clicking sound would provide confirmation of the action.

The patent even mentions the use of technology on mobile devices. For example, as an “interactive virtual keyboard” that would be capable to detect finger moves and locations.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011. 0:29

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