Categories 2.20 - rapid folder opening

Categories updated to 2.20. Here is a changelog:

Launcher: Folders instant loading! Integrated with backgrounder for folders. There is now an option in the settings to "keep resident". When set, the folder only loads once per respring. After that, it stays running in the background (uses no CPU but uses some RAM) to provide instant loading (no load times). Note that this does use more memory so use it sparingly. I suggest that it is ok for 1 - 4 folders but I would not background 20 folders. If you do and have problems, just go back to settings and disable this option on some of the folders you don't use as often.

Sounds like we should use Categories + Backgrounder. In this case folders will open very very quickly.

Avaliable in Cydia Installer.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008. 0:02

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