Installer 4.0b5 is out

Installer 4.0 beta 5 is avaliable now.

What's new:

  • Many visual enhancements and fixes in regards to source and packages display.
  • Fixed an issue with failing installs with dependencies under some circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug causing package information to be displayed incorrectly (size 0 bytes) on the first access, or when the custom information HTML page (such as packages from Big Boss' repository) was not displayed.
  • When updating a package, and one of its dependencies also has an update available, the dependency will be updated as well.
  • The package icons will only be downloaded when on the Wi-Fi to help you save on bandwidth.
  • The repositories are being refreshed upon Installer.app launch so you always stay on the bleeding edge with the updates. This is exeperimental behavior and we're not yet sure it will make it to the final release.
  • Fixed a script command Confirm that was returning invalid button index for the "OK" button.
  • Lots and lots of both cosmetic and internal application core fixes that improve the overall performance, presentation and stability of the application.

Community Sources package is updated. It now includes a repository for modmyifone.com (lot's of stuff there) and iphone-notes.de (BSD Subsystem and OpenSSH), as well as numerous carrier bundles and other useful stuff.

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Monday, August 18th, 2008. 13:54

New version of ZiPhone unlock is on it's way?

ZiPhone just posted some news on his blog:

"Next generation of ZiPhone is in the works.
It will be as simple as Apple would have done it.
A simple one click program.
A 5 seconds run.
Stay tuned."

Well, hopefully we'll see something soon.


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Disable Apple's kill switch

You probable know, that some time ago software developers have found a line of code buried in the iPhone's operating system that could enable Apple to remotely delete applications stored on the device that it no longer approves of. This is known as "Apple's kill switch".

Now you can turn this OFF using BossPrefs 2.12b. This is a major feature in 2.12b version. Avaliable for download from Cydia Installer.


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Monday, August 18th, 2008. 13:38

Safari Download Plugin 2.0

Once installed and customized, it allows you to download data off the Internet and store it on your iPhone or iPod touch local disk. You can download mp3 files, zip archives and much more. It was avaliable for old firmwares (1.1.4 and below). Now 2.0 users can use it too. Avaliable through Cydia Installer.


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Sunday, August 17th, 2008. 15:37

GPS Kit for iPhone 3G

Garafa's GPSKit for iPhone provides you with more advanced GPS functionality and tracking for your iPhone:

  • Dashboard - see real time information (speed, direction, coordinates, etc)
  • Tracks - save your path, view in Google Earth or Maps
  • Waypoints - Save points of interest

While GPSKit's solution is $9.99, there are other applications on the App Store that provide portions of similar functionality:

  • GPS Tracker - real-time tracking service
  • Speed - real time speedometer
  • PathTracker - real time stats, save your path, also for runners/bikers
  • Speedster GPS - speed and altitude in real time
  • gpsCompass - real time stats
  • Distance Meter - distance tracker
  • iTrail - distance and path tracker for runners/bikers
  • RunKeeper - track running/biking paths and stats

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iPhone 2.1 beta 4 - no push notification feature

Apple has just seeded iPhone 2.1 beta 4 to developers—uninteresting, really, except for the fact that the push notification service has been pulled from the release "for further development."

Targeted to hit your iPhone in September, the push service allows apps to receive notifications (internet data) in the background while they're not running, a godsend for AIM and other messaging apps. Hopefully this doesn't mean it'll be delayed.


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Sunday, August 17th, 2008. 15:16

SwirlyMMS updated to version 1.1.3

This iPhone application is for sending MMS. It works, there are some bugs, but I was able to send MMS. New version has minot bugfixes. It is still only for firmware 1.1.4 nd below. No 2.0 support yet.

You can download it from Installer 3 or Cydia.


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Sunday, August 17th, 2008. 15:08

iPhone & iPod Touch Stylus

ThinkGeek began to sell stylus for iPhone/iPod Touch. It is supposed that users operate their devices using hands. However there are many people that just cannot do that (f.e. women with long nails). For such users the iPhone Japanese Touch Pen Stylus was created.

The iPhone Japanese Touch Pen Stylus emulates your finger and allows you to gain precise control while using your phone. This sleek metal stylus is imported from Japan and features an angled spring loaded tip for easier on-screen dragging. The removable cap on the back unscrews to reveal a SIM eject tool. It's perfect for those of you with long fingernails or simply oversized stubby man fingers. The price is $14.99.

More photos:

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Saturday, August 16th, 2008. 15:49

TomTom for iPhone is coming soon

MSNBC recently spoke with several GPS manufacturers about their plans to develop a turn-by-turn GPS solution for the iPhone. Such a program is likely some months away. Several of the 'bigs' in the business — TomTom, Garmin and Magellan — are interested.

"We have made our navigation system run on the iPhone; it looks good and works very well," said Dutch-based company TomTom, in a statement to MSNBC.com. "We will have to look more closely to Apple’s strategy before we can say more about what kind of opportunities this will bring us,:".

"We’re always looking at new phone platforms to expand into for Garmin Mobile, but we don’t have any announcements regarding the iPhone at this time," said Jessica Myers of Garmin International. Magellan spokesman Raphel Finelli said the company does "not have immediate plans for this, but we are looking into it."

via macdailynews


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Saturday, August 16th, 2008. 0:48

Clusterball 2 [video]

Resolution Interactive will release a new game for iPhone - Clusterball 2. It will be avaliable in AppStore.


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Friday, August 15th, 2008. 19:30

Simplify Media for iPhone

With Simplify Media installed on your computer you can stream your home iTunes library to your mobile device wherever you may be. It will supposedly work over EDGE, 3G, or WiFi

Simplify Media for Mac/PC is a free download. Only the first 100,000 copies of the iPhone version are free to download, after that it will be $3.99.


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Friday, August 15th, 2008. 2:06

Java4iPhone теперь с поиском от Google

Good news everyone. Thanks to Google you can now use search on Java4iPhone. Use the form in the right top corner.


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Thursday, August 14th, 2008. 17:43

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Texas Hold’em iPhone game [video]

Here is a video of very nice game, called Texas Hold’em:

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Thursday, August 14th, 2008. 17:37

Qik: broadcast video live from iPhone, now with 2.0 support

There was a post about Qik:Broadcast video live from iPhone. At that time only users of old iPhones with firmware 1.1.4 could use it. Now there is a new version for 2.0 users.

You can get Qik with the iPhone 3G and old iPhone with firmware 2.0 by doing the following:

  1. If you have not already, you'll need to sign up at http://qik.com/sign_up and receive an SMS from us to activate the application.
  2. Launch Cydia.
  3. Go to the "Sections" tab at the bottom and scroll down to "Multimedia."
  4. Under Multimedia, you will find Qik. Tap on it then select "Install" at the top right, then in the same spot tap "Confirm."
  5. Now you will see Qik get installed. You may hit the "Return to Cydia" button at the bottom or just quit Cydia when it is done installing.
  6. You'll now notice a "Qik" icon on your home screen - Go ahead and launch it.
  7. As long as your initial signup SMS/text message is still in your inbox for the first launch, your account will be linked to your device.
  8. Make sure you have 3G service or are on WiFi (edge is not sufficient enough to stream video) before you begin broadcasting.
  9. Hit record and enjoy Qik!

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Apple's market capitalization is $159.37 billion

Digital Daily notes that Apple's market capitalization at $159.37 billion is now worth more than Google's which is at $157.56 billion. Apple's market cap first exceeded $100 billion in May of 2007. Apple was included into the S&P 100 index at that time. For interest, MacDailyNews compiled a list of the market values of other notable companies:

  • Microsoft (MSFT) - $255,648,204,000
  • IBM (IBM) - $169,964,678,000
  • Apple (AAPL) - $157,012,662,240
  • Google (GOOG) - $156,392,862,560
  • Cisco (CSCO) - $142,125,692,160
  • Intel (INTC) - $135,658,860,000
  • Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) - $111,866,423,760
  • Nokia (NOK) - $97,746,699,520
  • Research In Motion (RIMM) - $71,143,935,000
  • Disney (DIS) - $59,257,501,500
  • Dell (DELL) - $50,483,256,060

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Thursday, August 14th, 2008. 1:44