iPhone paper clip stand

Here is a nice and cheap self-made stand for iPhone. Watch the video:

Want to create one? Here are the instructions:

Here is a template in pdf: paperclip-iphone-stand-template. Print it.

1. Take a jumbo paper clip and straighten it out. Use a fine tip sharpie to mark all the bend points:

2. Bend the 7.25 and 8.25cm points. Let's call this the "V"

3. Next, Bend the 4.25cm point. You need to make the bend perpendicular and angled a bit outwards from the "V"  Also notice that the bend is an "acute" angle.

4. Bend the 1.0cm point for the tip.

5. Repeat steps for the other side and you're done! Here's a pic of 2 stands from different positions:

Here's a video of just the stand without all the jabber:

You can find PDF converter at pdfburger.com.

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