Homeless Musician May Get Off The Streets Using iTunes

Homeless musician Dred Scott plays for street walkers at outdoor near 16th Street Mall in Denver.

One local producer met him, recorded his singing and music, and released an album via iTunes to help the musician leave the streets.

The album was launched on July 12 with the name Live From 16th Street Mall. It costs $3.99 and contains six tracks of acoustic covers, including “Wind Cries Mary”. You can see his performance of “Purple Rain” on the video above. Locan newspapers have already reported about him:

“Sales are already brisk and it’s hoped the money will help him get off the streets.”

Dred Scott, who has been performing for more than 25 years, said to a local blog that he earns from three to three hundred dollars a day, playing on the same area of the street where he sleeps.

Tyler Ward, who recorded Dred Scott, said:

“I wish Dred to gain an opportunity that he has not had in the past, hopefully get him some exposure where he can do music full time, and not just have to live on the streets”.

Before iTunes has also raised money for a worthy cause, but this is probably the first time Apple’s store has aided someone with getting back on their feet.

Dredd Scott

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