How Steve Jobs introduced WiFi [video]

This is an old video featuring Steve Jobs introducing Wi-Fi for the first time to the masses. It was the first mainstream computer with wireless networking.

The video was filmed on a Keynote conference in 1999, where Steve Jobs introduced the iBook G3. It was the first computer that carried an inserted Wi-Fi card. It was the first time Wi-Fi was introduced to the masses. To prove that the technology was really wireless,  Steve Jobs used a Hula Hoop to put the laptop through it.

On this historic conference Jobs said that  'everyone' would jump on the 802.11 bandwagon in the next few months/years. "We're just going to be there first, and the best," Jobs said.

The video shows Jobs surfing the net from an iBook that was just woken from sleep. Nobody in the audience was aware that Jobs was using a wireless technology,  so when he stood up, picked up the laptop and walked around the stage, opening webpages wirelessly, the crowd roared with applauses.  Then he put the laptop through a hula hoop to show that the Internet collection was indeed wireless.

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