iOS Users Without Siri Can Use Evi

We have already seen Siri competitors making their way to the Android and Windows Phone Markets. Evi is another Siri counterpart that might actually become its true alternative for non-iPhone 4S iOS and Android users.

Evi is available on the App Store for $0.99 and for free to users of Android-based devices on the Android Market. Evi is developed by True Knowledge on the basis of The True Knowledge Answer Engine. Its $0.99 price tag for iOS devices apparently reflects the cost of utilizing Nuance voice recognition, which is not implemented in the Android version.

According to app’s description on its iTunes page, Evi can return local data for U.K. (along with the U.S.), which U.K. Siri users have been complaining of.

True Knowledge said that Evi contains about a billion machine understandable ‘facts’ and is capable to infer trillions if needed. Also the app reportedly processes all the expected sources such as results from traditional web searches, Yelp, and third-party websites.

As yet Evi doesn’t include integration with Reminders and Calendar like Siri, but as TechCrunch noted, it sometimes returns more useful and accurate results. For example, when asked “How do I make apple pie?” Siri suggests searching the web for the answer, while Evi returns a list of recipes with links to relevant sites.

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