iPhone 5c Outsold Every Blackberry, Windows Phone and Android Flagship in Q4

Although Apple admitted that iPhone 5c sales are lower than expected, this device is still way more popular than any Blackberry, Windows Phone or Android flagship. Yep, this mid-tier smartphone managed to outsell even Galaxy S4 in the winter quarter.

But why analysts and Apple executives say that iPhone 5c became a failure? You see, this handset was expected to become more popular than iPhone 5s, which is $100 more expensive.

Anyway, AppleInsider writes that iPhone 5c is "...a phone that sells so "terribly" that it also outsold the ostensibly successful Samsung Galaxy S4 on half of America's top carriers, and pushed every other Android phone out of the top U.S. sales charts entirely, from the first month it went on sale."

Although many people (including the author of this post) don’t think iPhone 5c is a worth purchasing device, a large number of customers believe it is. And what is your point of view?

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Written by Andrey

Sunday, March 23, 2014. 16:01

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