Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: noticing the scroll bar


Recently we posted some new information on the next Mac release, but the presentation of Steve Jobs also revealed some changes in the way how the scroll bars work.

With implementing of full screen view for apps it was noticed that in most cases the scroll bar vanishes every time it is not being used.

This is not the first time, when Jobs doesn't mention such changes in design. Few weeks ago the iTunes 10 was introduced with radical redesign of its title bar window controls, and the company did not take into account the opinions of its customers.

Almost the same happened again - after the screen shots of the presentation were revealed by Apple, it became noticeable that scroll bars in almost every app were redesigned and now are invisible until the user begins scrolling, which is similar to the iOS.

AppleInsider discovered that the screen shot of the Mission Control, with new Mail, iCal, Mac App Store, the iWork Pages and Safari apps showed in its window, doesn't present active scroll bars.

But this is not actually consistent with the demonstration that was made recently by Apple's vice president of Mac OS X engineering Craig Federighi. At his brief glimpse it was shown that the new Mac App Store doesn't have a scroll bar when it must be, as it was obvious that there was more content than it was visible. When Craig started to scroll the app listing only a dark grey menu bar appeared, which had no menu bar track and scroll arrows. After the scrolling had been stopped, the bar disappeared. The effect was visible in Dictionary, iPhoto 11, Safari and iCal. This must be a new approach to scroll bars implementation in Lion.

But there were the apps that (still?) do not implement the idea of invisible scroll bars. For example, Pages was depicted in the Mission Control without a scroll bar, but in the Federighi demonstration it also had an always visible blue scroll bar.  FaceTime app for Mac was showed with a dark colored scroll bar, and when the mouse was getting over it the bar got a slight highlight, which means it never disappears. Presumably that may be explained by incomplete versions of these apps.

Here are the images made by AppleInsider to confirm the above-mentioned observations:

Lion.scrollbars.001 Lion.scrollbars.002

Lion.scrollbars.003 Lion.scrollbars.004

Lion.scrollbars.005 Lion.scrollbars.006

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