Media sharing with on-hold callers

Everyone knows that being on hold is quite often and it is not always a pleasant experience.  You can be entertained by music, ads or just hear nothing and enjoy the silence. Apple guesses that it is a much better idea to look through photos from the recipient or listen to your favorite music.
On Tuesday Apple obtained a patent which enables the company to replace the usual on-hold message with content you want to share with people who are calling you. The patent describes how the system works - the way you open the menu, chose the options and send them to the recipient until you can answer the call.

For example, you can share your latest holiday pics or a new song you particularly like, it's even possible to scan your calendar to show better time to call. But do not worry, it is you who choses the content to send, no one will witness you unpaid taxes. The system would not from Apple if it did not have some personalized features. For example, you can share some photos with your family that should not be available to other people.

Naturally, the problem of maintaining the security of private files is arising. What's more, even entertaining photos and music cannot make a person stay on hold for a long time.  According to the patent, you cannot put down the phone and call back when the line is free.

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Written by Lizzen

Tuesday, July 23, 2013. 23:18

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