Most common iPhone passcodes


iPhone developer Daniel Amitay anonymously recorded and analyzed iPhone passcodes. The result is quite interesting. The 15% of all passcodes are represented only by 10 numbers. Here they are, the most common passcodes: 1234, 0000, 2580, 1111, 5555, 5683 (spells LOVE), 0852, 2222, 1212, 1998.

Formulaic passwords are never a good idea, yet 15% of all passcode sets were represented by only 10 different passcodes (out of a possible 10,000). The implication? A thief (or just a prankster) could safely try 10 different passcodes on your iPhone without initiating the data wipe. With a 15% success rate, about 1 in 7 iPhones would easily unlock--even more if the intruder knows the users’ years of birth, relationship status, etc.

Try to avoid these passwords.


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