New possibilities of Bluetooth 4.0 In Apple's Latest Products

Bluetooth 4.0

Latest MacBook Airs and Mac Minis incorporate new Bluetooth 4.0 chips. This technology includes Bluetooth Low Energy specification that provides low-latency and low-power implementation. One of the examples of its possible usage is Nike+ accessory, which isn’t actually based on this technology, but works very similar to it. It's based on a sensor that transfers signals wirelessly from your shoe to your iOS device in order to record your daily run.

The new specification can power accessories with just a button cell battery for a year or more. The technology is new, so there were only a few products announcements for accessories yet. For instance, Casio has recently presented Bluetooth low-power watch that can connect to your mobile phone. It can receive notification for email, incoming calls, and SMS and can also locate your phone in a range of about 5 meters.

Other possible ways of using Bluetooth Low Energy include:

  • Proximity - unlocking and locking wirelessly
  • Find Me - applications for locating a device
  • Sports / Running – statistics and vital signs
  • Health – monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate and blood glucose level

EETimes suggests one interesting indoor implementation of these sensors. Sensors around public building such as rail station or airport continuously send information about their location. The phone incorporating Bluetooth low energy could display this information. Also it could display other information such as location of amenities, gates, flight times and offers from shops.

Apple became the member of Bluetooth board of directors last month and probably apart from Mac mini and MacBook Air, it will soon incorporate this technology in other its devices. According to Bluetooth site, almost all new smartphones will incorporate Bluetooth 4.0 in 2012.

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