Permanent iPhone Unlock That Lasts “Forever”


CutYourSim, company that specialized in SIM cutters and adapters for the iPhone, offers a new service to provide permanent iPhone unlock. The company claims their method will carry on forever through any iOS or baseband update, so users don’t have to worry about updating to the latest version of iOS. Previously every iOS release and baseband update forced iPhone users to stay on an older iOS version until a new unlocking tool is released. CutYourSim also claims that it won’t influence warranty “because this is an official iPhone unlock.” The company seems to find way to add IMEI numbers of iPhones with permanent unlock to Apple’s database. So Apple will obviously find а way to block the service. It may involve accessing the IMEI database from a carrier’s online backend because the service doesn’t support the Verizon iPhone.  Moreover such “forever” unlock will cost you $169.

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