Speaking About Reasons of Apple's Actions


After the news about Apple's lawsuit many of us have been wondering why Apple did this. Obviously, the thing is not about money as the company already has $40 billion of cash and investments. Digital Daily's editor John Paczkowski thinks the reason is a desire to extend iPhone's growing lead on the market.

"Apple is suing to make an example out of HTC and lengthen the engineering time-to-market for Android handset builders."

While other Android smartphone manufacturers will spend their time solving a problem with developing of noninfringing technologies to avoid lawsuits, Apple will continue to iterate the iPhone.

Ok, this is clear, but why Apple accused HTC now?

Well, though the answer is not so obvious, it looks like Apple thought about this before, but after the Google Nexus One release Cupertino's company decided to slow the Android market down by filing a lawsuit.

Some may eventually ask why HTC? Well, because HTC produces a great number of Windows Mobile and Android devices, and by accusing it Apple puts the entire industry on notice. RBC analyst Mike Abramsky has one more reason:

"Yes, HTC is a significant player in the industry, but it’s a contract manufacturer. I’m not sure it has a big enough patent base with which to defend itself. It’s more vulnerable.”

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