Swedish Carrier Three Sells iPhone 3GS At Bargain Price


Currently Three in Sweden offers a fire sale of iPhone 3GS. The offer includes free iPhone 3GS and a plan of 99 Kroners per month ($15.42), amounting to about $370 for the full contract, which does not takes into account minutes and the unlimited Internet traffic that is throttled after 1GB.

iPhone 3GS off contract is still sold at over $400 in the US where Apple products are offered for some of the lowest prices in the world.

This initiative of swedish operator likely suggests that iPhone 3GS’s end of life (EOL) is around the corner and its prices may be lowered in other countries too.

Also this move of Swedish carrier is interesting in light of rumors that iPhone 3GS will be available next year at prepayment of sub-$350 along with “iPhone 4S”.

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