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Collection of iPad UI Conventions


Fraser Speirs posted a large collection of iPad UI conventions to help application designers. Most of them are from Apple promotional videos. The collection is viewable as a notated Flickr set. Here is the link.


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Monday, February 8th, 2010. 1:11

The New Concept for iPad - a docking station


The new concept by Patrycjusz Brzezinski was released recently in the Internet. It is a docking station, which looks pretty similar to the bottom of an iMac. It would work good for the iPad, as with an Apple Bluetooth keyboard it could be used as a some kind of a touch enabled mini iMac.   And if you suddenly need to go somewhere, just undock the iPad and put it in your bag. That's convenient.

Patrycjusz Brzezinski is also known for his previous concepts. The concept of "MacView", a tablet with a pair of touch screens in a slider design, was one of the most resonant. It is presented on the pictures below.




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Written by SimplyMax

Sunday, February 7th, 2010. 0:50

10 reasons not to buy the iPad

iPad shot

Debra Shinder from TechRepublic posted an article about 10 reasons why she won’t buy an iPad. As time passes by her thoughts provoke more and more passionate discussions on this topic. So here are these 10 reasons:

  1. There is no physical keyboard (or you need to buy an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard).
  2. One size doesn’t fit all (it doesn’t fill the gap between mobiles and netbooks as 9.7” inches is an exact screen size of netbook, and you cannot put it into your pocket).
  3. It runs iPhone OS (so there is no multi-tasking).
  4. There’s not enough storage (and you cannot expand it via USB-flashdrives).
  5. There’s no HDMI output or camera (if you can watch video, why you can’t make videoconferences with your friends?).
  6. There are no USB ports (and you would not be able to connect your own web-cam, for example).
  7. There is no flash memory slot.
  8. The price is not right (it just seems to be illogical to pay 200$ for additional 48 GB )
  9. It is locked in. All apps are in AppStore, and good ones cost money.
  10. It is all about network (why should people change their internet provider to AT&T just because of purchasing some new device?).

While Debra compares fully-equipped 829$ iPad with a powerful and though compact laptop, it seems like she’s looking for an ability to make use of all its capacities. On the other hand, TUAW critics and Apple fans say that iPad is designed to be an enhanced ebook-reader that makes it easy to handle everyday operations like checking e-mails or surfing the web.

What do you think?


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iPhone 4G back and white сoncept

iSpazio user Albe12 developed a new concept of what could be the next iPhone 4G. He combined the iPad design with current iPhone 3G/3GS one.

The case is partially made of aluminum. There is a small black plastic on the back, needed for the network signal. The phone has a wider high definition screen. Take a look:



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Wil Shipley: Apple copied my Delicious Library

During the iPad demonstration when the iBooks was presented some of us could notice that it looks exactly like Delicious Library. And its developer Will Shipley noticed that too.

iPad gallery in iBooks

So in a few days later he gave an interview to The Washington Post, mainly to complain about the striking similarity:

- But the thing about iBooks is, it's a book-reader. So, of course they looked around, found the best interface for displaying books (Delicious Library's shelves), and said: "yup, this is what we're doing".

He said the he did not copyright the idea of wooden shelves and showing photo-realistic books on it. Because if he tried, it needed to be valued somehow, and then Apple would sent its lawyers and they would ask how much was the value and how it was determined.

But still it is flattering. He made something that has been acknowledged by a huge company known for their design potential. And Shipley say on that:

- But your [designs] aren't really yours. They have lives of their own. So when your designs do change the world, you have to accept it. You have to say, 'Ok, this was such a good idea, other people took it and ran with it. I win.'



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Written by SimplyMax

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010. 17:03

Joojoo pre-orders went up after iPad announcement

After the iPad announcement the pre-orders for the Joojoo went up, said Fusion Garage CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan in an interview with SGEntrepreneurs. Though he did not reveal any actual numbers, Chandra did drop some interesting details. He hinted that his company will soon announce a partnership with a "major mobile phone player", which has a “significant” market share in Southeast Asia. This “player” will also probably take care of the Joojoo manufacturing cost. And yet there is no information about the shipment date for the Joojoo, which still stands 8-10 weeks.

The Joojoo is a Linux-based tablet PC designed for Web surfing by the TechCrunch resource. Some photos from the official site are listed below.

joojoo4 joojoo2

joojoo3 Joojoo


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Written by SimplyMax

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010. 16:27

iPad CPU can migrate to the iPhone

As it was announced on Wednesday presentation, the iPad has a 1 GHz A4 chip that was developed by Apple. And now there is one thing that interests a lot of people: when this chip will make it to the iPhone?


The iPhone 3GS has an 833 MHz Samsung chip, which is underlocked to 600 MHz to increase battery life. This is better than the iPhone 3G’s 620 MHz CPU (also underlocked to 412 MHz). But there is still plenty of room for improvement, and analysts expect the latter will come either from the A4 chip or its lower-powered variant, specially designed for the smaller battery and screen, to the iPhone.

People who have already handled iPad say the device is pretty much faster than any iPod Touch or iPhone released so far. So it seems pretty likely the A4 chip will trickle down to Apple’s smaller mobile devices.


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Sunday, January 31st, 2010. 16:45

iPhone OS 4.0: 26 Interesting Interface Concepts


Site gizmodo published the results of the photoshop contest, where they asked users to design some new concept interfaces for iPhone 4.0. The image above rated #1. Here are the others:

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2010 IGF Mobile Game Finalists


IGF announced the finalists for their 2010 mobile games competition. Last year's winners were dominated by iPhone games. This year's finalists are:

Best Mobile Game Design

Achievement In Art

Technical Achievement

Audio Achievement

Best iPhone Game

The finalists for IGF Mobile will compete for $5,000 in prizes. The results will be announced on February 8th and will be showcased at GDC 2010 in March.


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Nice iPhone 4G Concept With Rumored Features Roundup

As always before the release of a new device many designers and regular users make interesting concepts. Here is a new one for iPhone 4G:


The author also provided a probability percentage value for each functionality of seeing it actually implemented:

  • Removable battery (30% probability)
  • Flash LED (50%)
  • Back (Case) touchscreen, like the surface of the Magic Mouse (75%)
  • Front camera (70%)
  • Contacts on the Home Screen, as shown by a recent patent (70%)
  • 64GB flash memory (60%)
  • Dual-core processor and more RAM (80%)
  • OLED display (90%)



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The iMac iPhone 4G Concept

Mysterious designer with nickname Hdi has created a nice concept image of what the iPhone 4G would look like if Apple modeled it after the iMac. This concept mixes aluminum and glass just like an iMac.

Looks really great!



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Friday, January 15th, 2010. 12:38

MacWorld Lists Top 20 Apps of 2009


MacWorld has listed their 20 favorite apps of the year for the iPhone and iPod touch. With over 100,000 apps in the App Store, MacWorld focused on 20 categories and narrowed it down to the best performer in each category.

Here is the list:

Best Messaging App: BeeJive IM
Best Photo App: Best Camera
Best Notification App: Boxcar
Best News App: CNN Mobile
Best Book App: Eucalyptus
Best Social Networking App: Facebook 3
Best Casual Game: Flight Control
Best Search Tool: Google Mobile App
Best Reference App: iBird Explorer Plus
Best Reader: Instapaper Pro 2
Best Multimedia App: MLB.com At Bat 2009
Best Education App: Pocket Universe
Best E-Mail App: Postage
Best Designed Game: Ramp Champ
Best Sports Game: Real Soccer 2010
Best Shopping Tool: RedLaser
Best Platform Game: Rolando 2
Best Strategy Game: Strategery
Best Twitter Client: Tweetie 2

You can read a bit more about these apps MacWorld's site.


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Wednesday, December 16th, 2009. 15:45

Apple iTablet video demonstartion

Magazine publishers seem to already be getting on board with the concept of a media tablet even based on just the possibility that Apple will enter the market in the near future. The latest concept design comes from Time Inc who developed this design prototype to show off their plans. They think that digital magazines will replicate the print version, including advertising, and will include add-ons like multimedia and links to the Web. The publisher imagines that it will port all its titles into the new format, which it says will be ready for primetime by the middle of next year or sooner.

The ultimate design is planned to run on "whatever tablet Apple or any[one] else has up their sleeves" according to All Things Digital:


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New iPhone Home Screen Soon


Some time ago we have presented a concept of an alternative homescreen for the iPhone created by Geoff Teehan. The designer announced via his blog that this concept will be implemented in collaboration with Saurik, the creator of Cydia.


The new Sringboard will be characterized, following the old concept, browsable by a long list of applications that takes the place of icons, showing notifications, weather and stocks updates in real time. Here is the full screen:

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Friday, November 13th, 2009. 19:56

NASA works on a chemical sensor for iPhone


Several NASA scientists are working on a project called Cell-All - compact, low-cost, low-power, high-speed nanosensor-based chemical sensor for cell phones.

The device is about the size of a postage stamp and is designed to be plugged in to an iPhone to collect, process and transmit sensor data. The new device is able to detect and identify low concentrations of airborne ammonia, chlorine gas and methane. The device senses chemicals in the air using a "sample jet" and a multiple-channel silicon-based sensing chip, which consists of 16 nanosensors, and sends detection data to another phone or a computer via telephone communication network or Wi-Fi.

Update: Here are new cool photos:

main_cell_phone_sensor2_full main_cell_phone_sensor3_full

main_cell_phone_sensor4_full main_cell_phone_sensor1_full

via nasa


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Thursday, November 12th, 2009. 16:57